The EcoBioPallet Mission

is to manufacture and deliver strong, affordable priced shipping and storage pallets based on recycle or bio-degradable materials, to support customers in their aim to reduce CO₂, support circular economy and in general reduce their operating cost.
They are a 100% replacement for traditional wooden pallets

Pallet For Environment

Sustainable Material
Pressed wood pallets are made from recycled or reclaimed wood fibers ..
Reducing waste and Reduction
By utilizing wood waste and by-products from other industries ..
Carbon Footprint Reduction
Pressed wood pallets have a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional ..
Our Pallets is lightweight
It is usually lighter than their solid wood counter parts. This weight ..

Pressed Wood Pallets Specifications

Size 100 x 120 x 12 cm
Size 114 x 114 x 12 cm

Pressed Wood Pallets Tests

Static Tests
Dynamic Test
Visual Test
Drop Test

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